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¿Qué es un JuJu?

A juju is truly one of the most appreciated products in current decoration industry.

It is a headdress of feathers are used as decoration by the leaders of Bamileke, Bassa and Bamun tribes.

In the cultures of West Africa feathers take life with it. So the juju hats are a spectacular explosion of vitality and symbol of prosperity, beauty and joy.

It is elaborated by hand with feathers from African farm birds, as well as natural and dyed feathers which are embedded in a raffia and fabric foldable structure.

This is a tribal element connected with urban culture. Full of colour, texture and lightness. It is a focus of visual attraction that will decorate any space in which you choose to expose it. It will bring beauty to the decoration of your whole home.


  • Mini 45-50 cms. ∅ unfolded (folded: 25x18x9)
  • Small 50-60 cms. ∅unfolded (folded: 28x20x14)
  • Medium 60-70 cms. ∅ unfolded (folded: 32x22x16)
  • Large 70-80 cms. ∅ unfolded (folded40x26x15)
  • Extra Large >80 cms. ∅ unfolded (folded: 44x30x19)


  • Mini550 grms
  • Small 650 grms
  • Medium750 grms
  • Large 1800 grms
  • Extra Large1990 grms


  • Mini 17-19/in ∅ unfolded (folded: 9.8x7x3.5)
  • Small 19-23/in ∅ unfolded (folded: 11x7.9x5.5)
  • Medium 23-27/in ∅ unfolded (folded: 12.6x8.7x6.3)
  • Large 27-31/in. ∅ unfolded (folded: 15.7x10.24x5.9)
  • Extra Large >31/in ∅ unfolded (folded: 17.3x11.8x7.5)


  • Mini1.21 lb
  • Small 1.45 lb
  • Medium1.65 lb
  • Large 4.1 lb
  • Extra Large4.38 lb


  • Mini19,40 oz
  • Small 22,93 oz
  • Medium26,46 oz
  • Large 63,49 oz
  • Extra Large70,19 oz

Jujus are never identical. They are handmade, therefore in some cases informal aspects can be seen (like different types of feathers, depending on the animal, different shades in colour of the feathers, etc.). all these details are part of the charm of jujus and make them really unique and exclusive.

Bienvenido a El rey de los jujus

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